Fouad Youssouf Ali

An airforce pilot who was the first officer to stand up against corruption. Despite numerous reports to the high command of the mistreatment from his commander nothing changed. He posted a video explaining his desperate situation and denouncing the corruption within the armed forces. He left Djibouti and went to Ethiopia to seek asylum. The Ethiopian government deported him back to Djibouti on April 8th where he still remains incarcerated. One of the guards felt touched by his story and gave him a cell phone to record a video. Fouad posted this video on June 3rd displaying the deplorable conditions of the toilet cell he was being kept in. He goes into detail of the sickness he has sustained from these conditioning.
One of which is a skin infection covering his body. This shocking video inspired the people to denounce the corruption and acted as the catalyst for the revolution. All of the suspected guards and the director were fired for assisting in the creation of this video.Later the government forced him to create a video saying they fixed these conditions however in a follow up video on September 8th Fouad proves this was not only false but his conditions have worsened. He was put into a cell with 50 criminals and was beaten by them, the skin infection was being treated by aloe vera his mother brought him, and he developed a throat condition that makes it difficult for him to talk.
As of today Friday, November 13th The pilot is still detained. Fouad was awarded the prestigious ROSA PARK INTERNATIONAL PRIZE for his courage and civic contribution to fight injustice and to do triumph over democracy, freedom and peace.

Heroes Fighting For Djibouti

Fouad Youssouf Ali
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